©2010. Everyone showed me shit that I thought weren't them. Dedicated to Rudy and Charmaine, wherever you are..

I Me You

©2010. Jimmy Page/Robert Plant allegedly took 2 days to write the lyrics to Stairway to Heaven; Leah took 15 minutes to write this track. We believe this speaks volumes!

Mickey Mouse is Dead

©2008. Our first version was banned by YouTube as the "submission violates our Terms of Service on pornography, obscene or defamatory material". So, here is our heavily edited and hopefully "YouTube friendly" version.. Paul and Leah xxx


©2007. Over the years I have received countless messages saying "okay, we dig your interpretation of electronic punk rock, keeping the whole spirit of 76 alive in the face of adversity and worldwide political unrest. We also dig Leah's matriarchal stance on the rights of womanhood, delivering the suffragette movement via the medium of song and verse. BUT when are we going to see you naked, Paul?!". Media pressure has forced me into this, so here it is.

Ladies: I apologise for any involuntary spillages that occur whilst watching this.

'X' rated video. Guaranteed never to be played on MTV.

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